Rapid City Rushmore
Fork Real Community Cafe
324 St. Joseph St
Rapid City, SD 57701
United States of America
RUMMBLER (Rushmore Makeup Meeting Because Lunch isn't Early)
Second Wednesday of each month, 1130 at Fork Real Community Cafe.   
The point of this new initiative is to allow for some personal engagement for Rushmore Rotarians, meetings style, but not at 7am, at lunchtime instead. 

Once per month the President, or a designated member, will host a lunch (pushase on your own, as desired).  The meeting will recap Rushmore Rotary announcements, up-coming or on-going projects, review up-coming programs (in case you really want to attend and can make schedule adjustments for 7am availability), and whatever else develops as needed/desired.  It will not have a separate speaker/program. 

All are welcome.  But, this is not meant to replace our 7am meetings or our scheduled socials, it is an option to stay up to date for those who have regular conflicts morning meetings.