A number of Rotarians and clubs in our District support the School for St. Jude in Tanzania. We have had personal visits to our
District from Gemma, who started the school. If you do support, thank you!
   A group of Rotarians visited the campus in May, 2017 to see the graduation ceremonies!
    For those who would like to provide support, but do not have the resources for the full donation, here is an option being proposed:
PROPOSAL:  To best serve clubs who want to contribute to the School of St. Jude project, a separate district account would be opened so that all interested clubs can donate to The School of St. Jude by sending their checks to this account.  It would only take $100 to $200 (more would be great if the club wishes) to get involved and when the total reaches $1500 we would send it to The School of St. Jude to sponsor a child and a teacher.  This would be an annual commitment as the child needs to be sponsored every year.  The sponsorship for the student includes uniforms, shoes, food, clean water, transportation to and from school, school supplies and a high quality education.  In the upper grades it also includes boarding as fourth grade through eighth board at the school during the week and from ninth grade on the students board at the school for the whole semester. For the teacher it provides classroom supplies.
REASONS FOR PROPOSAL:  The School of St. Jude needs sponsors for the children that they are educating.  Many clubs in our district could use an easy way to get involved in an international project and this project will give them lots of feedback from the school and the student to truly show them that they are helping to change the world.  The students write letters to their sponsors twice a year and their grade reports are also sent to the sponsor.  Also if the student wins an award the sponsor is sent a picture of the student and a description of the award.  For more background on the School of St. Jude, please go to http://www.schoolofstjude.org.
     For more information please contact PDGs: Pat Sutliff pmsutliff@gmail.com or Nancy Moose nancy.moose@dsu.edu.